These are a couple of pictures I took at the beach a few days ago.  I had no agenda when I went down to the beach, just to take some pictures. This was an overcast, cool day, and I was playing with perspective, holding my camera low to the ground and shooting blind.  I had set the camera to capture a shallow depth of field (DOF), hence the tiny area that is in focus vs the blurry fore and background.  Neither one of these is the shot I was going for.  I was aiming more for shots like this.

And as much as I really like these shots, and am very pleased with the result, I think I like the first two more.  I knew what I was going for with these pictures, and I got it.  I didn't get what I was going for with the first shots, but I consider them happy mistakes. And this is something I love about photography and why I will continue to take photographs like this. Taking my camera to the beach and just playing around with perspective and DOF allows me to make mistakes. Happy mistakes. Mistakes that sometimes turn out to be kinda cool, and others not so much.  

I love the bokeh in the first picture. (Bokeh is the fancy term for when lights in the background turn into circles when out of focus. Sometimes it's intentional, and sometimes, like in this instance, it's a happy mistake.) I love the shape of the wave in the background of the second picture, no detail, just the curve of light and color.

I think we all need times to get out and try stuff, to fail and expect to fail, and enjoy the learning that happens when we do. Photography continues to teach me, and stretch me, and make me think.  And I'm loving the journey.  

Let me know which picture is your favorite in the comments below.

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