Objects of Beauty - July 3, 2017 - Bev Baigent

Macro photography is my first love. I have been known to say it saved my life. And while that seems a little dramatic, I don't think it's untrue. When my marriage fell apart in 2010, I fell apart.  For months I lived in a heightened state of anxiety. My heart was constantly racing, my stomach was in knots - my body was in a persistent state of physical stress. The only respite I found during that time was when I took my camera in hand and went looking for details of beauty. Deliberate and focused seeking. I physically slowed myself down to look around me, and forced my mind to notice the beauty of a petal, a leaf, a spiderweb. My heart rate slowed, my mind cleared and for a couple of hours, my body was calm as I hunted down beautiful things.

Macro photography is, in my experience, most closely associated with nature.  Pictures of flowers, and bugs, and raindrops and tiny things. It certainly was for me in the beginning. And nature continues to be a primary subject of my macro shooting. But nature is certainly not the only beauty that exists around us.

Man made objects can be fabulous subjects for a macro lens.  I find incredible beauty in the curve of a guitar, the lines of a hand crafted watch, the worn ear of a beloved child's toy.  The possibilities are endless.