I was honored and delighted to have the opportunity to photograph the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K held in beautiful Santa Monica a few weeks ago.  What an absolutely amazing event, and what a pleasure to spend a morning surrounded by the energy of breast cancer survivors and their friends and family. There is something very special about the mood at an event that supports and seeks to raise awareness and finances to end this terrible disease.   

Events like this, where there is a clear, dedicated purpose, are one of the most encouraging places to be.  When people get together with a single purpose, and have the support of local businesses, and the community to raise awareness to end a disease that tears people and families apart, there is a very unique atmosphere.  It was a good reminder of what we can do when we join forces.  As individuals we can do our part, but together, we are so much more.  The strength and resilience of the survivors is felt and the determination of all those involved to fight and never give up is contagious.

Events like this one serve to celebrate cancer survivors, encourage those fighting the battle, raise awareness and help others to reduce their risk or detect breast cancer early on.  I encourage everyone to participate in some way at a Cancer Awareness event.  I don't know anyone unaffected by cancer, and fighting this disease together is the way to end it.  I salute the survivors, mourn with the grieved, and stand firm with all those whose dedication is unwavering as they continue the battle against cancer.