Welcome to my website, and thank-you for visiting.

I fell in love with photography in 2010, when I got my first macro lens. Noticing the detail of tiny things, and then capturing that detail and making it bigger for everyone to see brings me no end of delight.  The details of a flower, a rusted pipe, a tree trunk, a birds feather, the possible subjects are endless. It's all about looking for the beauty in the mundane, the spectacular in the ordinary, the extra in the tiny.

I started my Family Portraits business in 2016, and I am loving the experience of capturing moments of connection and emotion.  Families are made up of singular, extraordinary and sometimes oddball individuals.  The special combination of the individuals in a family creates a remarkable group, and it is an honor for me to capture moments of interaction and stages of development that makes a family so special at any given point in time.

The purpose in all my photography is to reveal the beauty in this world and in the people who inhabit it.  When my son was about 4, I was driving him to preschool when he asked me this question:

"Mommy, God is love, right?"

Me: Yes, God is love. "And God is everywhere, right?"

Me: Yes, God is everywhere.

"So if God is love, and God is everywhere, then that means that love is everywhere."

I want to reflect love through my photography. Through pictures of tiny flowers, and insects.  Through pictures of dolphin stampedes and night skies. Through landscapes of snow-capped mountains, and seascapes of waves and sand. Through portraits of families, and couples, and friends, and individuals.  

Reflections of the Creator.  

I want my photography to feed you.  I want each picture to be a meal that fills you up and leaves you loosening your belt at the end of your visit.  

I hope you leave satisfied.